NYC’S Most Romantic Winter Pop-Ups

Photo Cred: Mr. Purple

When winter is here and the air smells like snow, there are few places as magical as New York City to spend a romantic night with your partner. If you’re lucky enough to live close by it’s the perfect place for a date night or a weekend getaway. Life gets so busy, especially around the holidays, that many of us don’t have time to embrace one of the most romantic times of the year. Instead of hibernating throughout the winter, January and February is the ideal time to take advantage of the opportunity to get cozy on a cold, winter night. There is an abundance of holiday pop-ups this year, so I have scoped out the most enchanting spaces that are open throughout the winter.

1. ‘The Cliquot Chalet’ at Mr. Purple

Step into Mr. Purple’s après-ski lodge on their rooftop terrace where you can get cozy on the couch, sip champagne, and enjoy stunning views of Manhattan. This pop-up Chalet housed in a snow-globe is filled with everything you need for an evening of romance, including plush pillows, funky Veuve Cliquot themed ski lodge décor, fondue, and a champagne bar. With an abundance of candlelight, skyline views, and only four couches in the snow globe you’re guaranteed to have an intimate experience. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll even get a snowstorm so you can get the full snow-globe experience.

A glass of champagne is always a must, but the creative winter cocktails at Mr. Purple are definitely worth indulging in. The Back at the Cabin cocktail, with Hennessey Vsop, allspice dram, orange bitters, whiskey barrel-aged bitters, and star anise will leave you feeling warm and satisfied.

Reservations are hard to come by so make them early here. The chalet is running until February.

2. PHD Terrace- Midwinter Night’s Dream

With thousands of twinkling lights, lush winter greens, and holiday-themed cocktails, the PHD Terrace has turned their space into a whimsical winter wonderland. Picture yourself walking through the tunnel of lights filled with bright white florals and sharing a giant Nutella stuffed cookie with Bourbon milk punch.

The alluring space is complemented with unique cocktails like the Goldtini made with Ciroc coconut, homemade almond milk, creme de cacao, amaretto, and a gold glitter rim. If you feel like spicing it up, try the Winter Warmer Margarita with Milagro tequila, lime, cinnamon syrup, and strawberry puree.

Unfortunately, they don’t take dinner reservations but it’s the perfect place to start or end your date night with a drink.

3. The Standard- Winter Garden

This is a charming space to have dinner, where you can feast in a heated yurt surrounded by evergreens. Menu items include a crisp winter salad, a lavish Charcuterie board, fondue, and freshly baked chocolate pumpkin seed cookies. Finish the night sipping on spiked hot cocoa or a bottle of bubbly, wrapped in a faux fur to keep you warm and toasty.

To book a yurt you can email

Instead of avoiding winter, choose to embrace it.

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